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How Nighttime Vision Can Change

What it Means if You're Having Trouble Seeing at Night

Have you noticed a difference in your night vision? Aging, diseases, or eye conditions may be to blame.

Declining Night Vision May Be Related to Aging

Nighttime vision changes are just another unfortunate aspect of aging for many people. If you're in your 40's, 50's, or older, your night vision problems may be due to:

Other Causes of Night Vision Problems

You may also notice a problem with night vision, no matter what your age, for these reasons:

What Can I Do to Improve My Night Vision?

If your declining night vision is due to aging, a few lifestyle changes can help, such as using more lights or brighter lights at night or limiting driving to daylight hours.

Once your optometrist determines the source of your problem, he or she can offer treatments or strategies, such as a change in your eyeglass or contact lens prescription or glasses that reduce glare. Changing medications can be helpful if your night vision issues are linked to prescription drug side effects.

If your problem is caused by glaucoma or another eye disease, treating the underlying disease may improve your symptoms, although you may still have some night vision problems. Cataract surgery may be recommended once your cataracts become so large that they significantly interfere with your vision.

Nighttime vision problems can be a sign of a serious eye condition or disease and should never be ignored. If you've been having trouble seeing well at night, contact us to schedule an eye exam.


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